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Introducing The Ice Bath NZ Chiller Pack: Revolutionizing Cold Water Therapy for Optimal Performance!


Designed with both the ice bath enthusiast and athlete in mind, The Ice Bath NZ Chiller Pack is your ultimate solution for maximizing the benefits of cold water therapy. Our Ice Baths are Manufactured in the United States, Made from G90 Galvanized Steel. These quality Ice Baths are manufactured with attention to detail and quality workmanship. Engineered with G90 Steel throughout, 4-ply lock seams with contained sealant for maximum leak protection, Steel pipe rolled into the top of each tank to create a crush proof rim , as well as long lasting zinc plated . Located on the lower side of the Ice Bath is a one piece threaded plug, this can be easily removed and screwed back in with plyers. Experience the invigorating power of cold water immersion with the The Ice Bath NZ Chiller Pack, ensuring consistent rejuvenation with every plunge.


4ft Ice Bath + 1HP Inbuilt UV Cooling Motor


Our package includes everything you need for the perfect cold plunge experience:


  • 1x 4ft Ice Bath
  • Hoses and Fittings for the 1HP Cooling Motor
  • Internal UV Water Filtration System with Built-In Particle Filter, Ensuring 24/7 Clean and Fresh Water.
  • Hose attachement for ease of draining.

4ft Ice Bath + 1HP Chiller

$5,179.00 Regular Price
$3,179.00Sale Price
GST Included
  • 4ft Ice Bath


    • Made from G90 Galvanised Steel
    • Comes in two differnent sizes (stock dependant)
    • Easy Installation, 20mm thread plug for draining 
    • Tub size 120(L)x60(W)x60(H)cm
    • 430 litre max water Capacity
    • Built for the outdoors


    Ice Bath cooling motor


    • Cools the Water Down to 3°C (37°F).
    • 1 HP Motor
    • Internal UV Water Filtration
    • Particle Water Filter.
    • Portable All-in-one contained unit.
    • Plug and Plunge - Self-priming circulation pump.
    • Indoor and outdoor use (-10°C/14°F).
    • Industrial-grade Components.
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