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Ice Baths

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Like many people, my first introduction to cold therapy was through Wim Hof, I found him on TikTok and YouTube about a year ago and immediately knew he was onto something by the traction and positive feedback he was gaining by people all around the world.

My cold therapy journey however started more recently after listening to Dr Andrew Huberman. He dives into the incredible benefits cold therapy has on your physical and mental wellbeing. As someone searching to improve both these areas of my life I was instantly intrigued next level.

I started this company as I was keen to dive deeper into cold therapy and hope to bring you all on this journey too. unfortunately, the NZ market is really lacking in quality ice baths which are crucial to get the compete cold therapy experience and benefits. Much of what’s accessible is cheap plastic baths made in China. We are happy to say that we have the perfect solution with our new quality Galvanized Steel Ice Baths.

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