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  • Can I leave my Ice Bath outside?
    Certainly! These tubs are made from galvanized steel, known for its durability and rust-resistant properties, making them ideal for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions.
  • What different size Ice Baths do you offer?
    4 - foot Ice Bath 1200mm L x 600mm W x 600mm H 19 kg ​ 5 - foot Ice Bath 1500mm L x 600mm W x 600mm H 24 kg ​ We want to provide some clarity regarding the two sizes of ice baths we offer and why they may appear slightly different in size when you receive them. Our ice baths are designed to be versatile and convenient for shipping, and we package them in groups of three to be shipped over to New Zealand. ​ Due to this packaging method, the two sizes of ice baths we sell will have slight variations in their dimensions, depending on which size you order. Rest assured, this is entirely intentional and ensures efficient and cost-effective shipping while maintaining the quality and integrity of our products.
  • How do I empty my Ice Bath?
    Each Ice Tub comes equipped with a convenient 20mm screw plug positioned on the lower side wall, facilitating easy drainage. To drain the water, simply remove the plug and let gravity take care of the rest. Alternatively, you have the option to use an expandable washing machine/dishwasher drain hose, available at stores like Bunnings, to direct the water away from the tub area and towards your garden or preferred location.
  • Can I fit into a 4-foot Ice Bath?
    When it comes to the 4-foot Ice Tub, it can hold up to an impressive 386 liters of water, while its bigger sibling, the 5-foot Tub, boasts an even more massive fill capacity of nearly 550 liters! If you opt for the 5-foot tub, you'll need more water and more bags of ice to achieve that chilly temperature. Now, the real fun begins with how you like to position yourself in the icy oasis. Some people prefer to compress, with their arms folded, knees bent, and huddled in towards their chest, while others love to stretch out like a starfish, with arms by their side and legs fully extended. Just imagine the icy bliss! Now, here's the exciting part—if you're 6 feet tall or even taller, you might find your sprawling abilities slightly limited in the 4-footer. But fret not! Both options will still let you fully immerse yourself and enjoy all the fantastic benefits an ice bath has to offer. Unless you happen to be taller than 6'5 (in which case, we've got you covered with the 5-footer recommendation), rest assured that all sizes will deliver those amazing results we've highlighted.
  • How long does shipping take?
    From the moment you purchase your Ice Bath, the estimated delivery is 5 working days if you are living locally in Auckland, 10-12 Business days for the rest of the North Island. For South Island deliveries these will take 12 working days.
  • How does your delivery work?
    We have free delivery to all of the North Island! Extra shipping costs to the South Island. Please Email for more info!!
  • How many bags of ice will I need?
    As a helpful starting point, begin by filling your Ice Tub with water and using just one bag of ice, especially if you're new to this routine. As you get used to the sensation and adapt over time, gradually increase the number of bags of ice. Keep in mind that the point of discomfort will vary for each individual, so you'll need to find your own starting point.
  • Is GST included in Price?
    Yes, GST is included in the price. To learn more about GST please use this link
  • How loud are the chiller motors?
    Our chiller motors make about as much noise as a small household fan, Once the water reaches its selected temperature the fan will turn off automatically.
  • How to clean my Ice Bath?
    We recommend using non chlorine based cleaning products. One product that has worked really well for many is Colloidal silver.
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